Unveiling an excerpt from a number of Juste une p’tite nuite – Hommage aux Colocs
29 mai 2018

Unveiling an excerpt from a number of Juste une p’tite nuite – Hommage aux Colocs

Montreal, May 29, 2018 - Less than two months from the start of performances and exclusively, the creation team of the show Juste une p'tite nuite presented an excerpt from an issue of this fourth show from the Cirque du Soleil Tribute Series, which will take place next summer at the Cogeco Amphitheatre in Trois-Rivières from July 18th to August 18th.

Daniel Fortin, Cirque du Soleil Group creation vice-president, accompanied by Jean-Guy Legault, director, Emilie Therrien, staging assistant, acrobatic performance designer and acrobatic choreographer, and Jean-Phi Goncalves, musical director and arrangements reaffirmed their intention to amaze the audience through this tribut to the Colocs. "

On stage, creative challenges abound with the creation of a coherent and balanced artistic signature that will come alive throughout the 13 paintings that make up the 75-minute show. The gang spirit is a structuring element. "The Colocs are a colorful gang with the thirst to say, the desire to live. A slobbery poetry where the beautiful and the ugly mix together in a percussive and festive symphony. A nose-to-nose fully aware of the factitious, absurd and cartoon reality that surrounds us every day. The Colocs is an always open door that gives access to an eternal party where everyone is invited. For a little night, we are all Colocs " promises Jean-Guy Legault.
The acrobatic performance will also play an important part on a group dimension and will be based on new disciplines and new talents, from Quebec and elsewhere. Reinventing yourself also means opening up. In red thread, it will release a furiously alive energy. The musical direction will also highlight the festive and inclusive aspect of the Colocs. Jean-Phi Goncalves' work on musical rearrangement will seek to surprise the public - including the fans of the first hour - but also to reveal more unknown sides of these songs heard thousands of times and which are part of Quebec's musical heritage.

Review the excerpt from the issue presented at the conference.

Three rearranged musical extracts, wich will take place in the show, as already been released: Juste une p’tite nuite, Passe-moé la puck and Dédé. These excerpts illustrate the artistic and musical direction of the show which will highlight the festive, collective and inclusive aspects of the Colocs

In the heart of a dilapidated alley, a gang of eclectic dysfunctional friends gather each evening under the twilight of a lamp post to explode urban greyness and spark a percussive festive spiral inspired by the percussive poetry of the Colocs.
Just a little night, time stops. Just a little night, we redo the party.

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